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The three revs are back in conversation. In this week's episode Thomas Pelham, Daniel French and Jamie Franklin discuss the latest and most salient news items from a Christian perspective. Beginning with a reflection on Romans 1, we move on to ask whether the Prime Minister was right to say that only women can have penises, review the strange DIY Covid video sick-note made by a clearly not too unwell Jeremy Vine and renewed calls to plunge the country back into a series of draconian coronavirus "measures", talk about the striking down of Roe v. Wade in the US and the resultant calls by feminists in New York State for a sex strike to teach men a lesson, demands by high-ranking officials in the British Army for full-scale war with Russia and the innovative liturgical decision by the Diocese of Oxford to encourage new converts to pledge to safeguard the integrity of creation upon the occasion of their baptisms. We also read an email from the mother of a daughter struggling with transgender issues. All of that and much much more in this week's episode!Notices:Thanks to our Patreon sponsors! Support us from £1.50 plus VAT per month: https://patreon.com/irreverendThursday Circles: http://thursdaycircle.comJamie's Good Things Substack Blog/Newsletter: https://jamiefranklin.substack.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/IrreverendPodTelegram: https://t.me/irreverendpodEmail: irreverendpod@gmail.comAudio Podcast: https://irreverend.buzzsprout.comVideos on Rumble: https://rumble.com/user/IrreverendVideos on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@irreverend:5Links:Johnson says no to women being born with penisesJeremy Vine unconvincing sick noteChristians debate abortion Why I'm a Pro-Choice ChristianSex StrikeKendrick Lamar wears a bleeding crown of thorns for womenBritain preparing for war with RussiaGreen baptismal vowsSupport the show
  1. Sex Strike
  2. Febrile Times
  3. Hungary Four – England Kneel
  4. Artificial Wombs and Climate Missionaries
  5. Gender Outlaw